Change occurs from within

My life changed when I fully comprehended and applied the above principle in my life.

Financial challenges, relationship issues, health problems, and all other challenging situations originate from self-created internal blocks.

Once we get out of our own way, we pave the path for a full expression of abundance in all areas of our life.

Why would anyone want to create roadblocks in one’s own path?

The root cause of this sneaky behavior lies in the subconscious beliefs or fears we took on growing up. For example, if we observed our primary caretakers working hard for money, we took on the belief that one has to work really hard to earn money. In other words, we associated “having money” with “working hard.” As humans, we are constantly associating meanings to the external world and forming beliefs.

These beliefs get programmed into our subconscious minds. Trying to break these beliefs with sheer will does not work. They need to be replaced and re-programmed into our subsciousness.

Nothing in this world has any meaning other than what we give it” – Buddha

There is an overload of information out there. As a self-help book junkie, I tried many different approaches before realizing that until and unless the inner programming is changed, nothing else will change.

I also realized that self-hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic Programming, and other such techniques only target your mind and though they are successful to some extent, none of them target the heart, where the true potential for permanent change lies. . In my experience, when the heart and its unlimited intuition are employed, the task at hand becomes astonishingly simpler and faster. It’s almost like putting your intentions on steroids.

“Don’t try to reason with your heart or feel with your mind. Just as the heart knows no logic, the mind cannot lead you to your soul”- Khalil Gibran

Mission Statement

I feel passionate about empowering people to break through their internal blocks to create the life of their dreams. You no longer have to be shackled by your own internal blocks.

My quest is to get rid of the recurring negative patterns in your personal and professional life, thereby stopping the unnecessary struggle and self-sabotage.

It saddens me to see brilliant people settling for mediocre lives because of their fears and limiting beliefs; they seem too afraid to get out of their comfort zone to lead a purposeful life filled with abundance and financial freedom. I want to show them that change is not only possible but easily achievable.