Laser coaching session (45 minutes):

We will target one of your current challenges, bringing clarity about the beliefs that are causing that particular challenge. You will walk away from this session with greater awareness, empowerment, and a tangible plan to turn this challenge around, typically within 14-30 days.

Break through to a new you (5 weeks):

An initial 2-hour intensive session, followed by 4 60-minute sessions (one per week).

During the first intensive session, we will discover your inner blocks that may be causing self-sabotage in different areas of your life. We will create a personalized plan to help you dissolve these inner blocks.

You will discover your values and hidden passions. Then you will define goals that are aligned with them.

You will come out of this session with clarity, more focus, and an understanding of your inner guidance and power.

You will get equipped with tools to reset your negative patterns, and you’ll walk away with tangible steps to take towards your goals. You will also get a personalized plan that you can implement immediately towards the life of your dreams.

During the next four weeks, we will build upon your new skills, tackle any new challenges, and monitor your progress, tweaking your personalized plan as needed.