Why Self-Coaching Doesn’t Work

A coach does much more than coach a client. A coach holds her clients’ hand and takes him/her step-by-step in the direction he/she wants to go. Coaches provide strength, accountability, tools, and techniques to move through the ups and downs of daily rigmaroles.

Most importantly, coaches transfer empowering energy in the form of inspiration to their clients. When you are in a downward spiral, you lack the energy to lift yourself up. Reading and exposure to self-improvement messages and books may give you a temporary boost, but after some time your past behavioral patterns( these patterns collectively form what I call your NBS- Negative Belief System) kick in and you go back to square one. So it may seem like you’re going two steps forward and one step backwards, or worse – not moving at all. It can be a very long and frustrating uphill climb.

Each one of us has unique self-sabotaging patterns ingrained in our subconscious mind from our past experiences. A coach is able to recognize your unique patterns and bring them to your awareness. A coach can also shorten your learning curve by giving you tools and reducing your uphill journey from years down to months/weeks. A good coach will keep egging you on and will not let you slide down to your previous patterns, thereby creating lasting changes in your life.